Pictures 1998

This is me, late March 98', at my bowling party.

From right to left, here are Vrinda, Tony, Andrea, Ben, and me at my Birthday party. I'm sitting down on the floor.

That's me on the last day of school (May 20, 98), and yes I wore my hair like that to school. Basically, it's a paper towel tube darkened with brown marker for the trunk. The top part of the palm tree is my hair, dyed green. Neat, isn't it?

Here's a picture of me taken sometime around the summer of '98. I used it as my Halloween costume in '97, I think. The next one was taken that same day, but after I changed cosutmes.

I wore this costume on the first day of school, though this picture was taken a bit earlier than that. I just couldn't wait to try on my new weird clothes.