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About Me
Pics, Bio, etc. [03-17-07]

Which Star Trek Alien Are You?
A quiz.

My Acidifications
Go see what acidification is! [07-29-05]

A bit of Amusement
Things (mainly pictures) that I find amusing. Includes stuff I edited in Photoshop.

Old Stuff
    My IRC friends [01-03-01]
    My SluggyMUX friends [08-20-02]

    The Three Weird Guys
An adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, done as a class assignment.
    My Weird Dream
An odd dream I had, added to for extra weirdness.

    My Parent's Page
Old car art, plus some links to web pages that they've made.
    David Grossman's site
David's a musician, my dad did his webpage. It's done really well, and the music's good, too!
    Ira Marlowe's Site
Another musician friend we have. He has really great music, too. My parents also do his website.

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